iPod to PC Transfer



Copy and share the music in your iPod to your PC


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Copying music from iPod to PC is the pending subject of iTunes. That's why a lot of software developers have tried to solve that problem and offer us a good application to copy our music from iPod to PC without having to go throughout difficult options and buttons.

iPod to PC Transfer goes even further, not only is it a good application but it is very easy to use. Its interface is divided into four different tabs. Each tab is the house of each action we can perform using iPod to PC transfer. Know data of the iPod or iPhone, copy from iPod to Pc, copy from PC to iPod and even manage the information and data stored in the device.

Yes, because you'll be able to manage music, videos, photos and the rest of files in case you use your iPod as removable HD.

If your iPod or iPhone is always with you, iPod to PC Transfer can be really helpful. Very easy to use and full of options that will set your music free.

Finally, you can install iPod to PC transfer on your iPod and use it on any PC, just plug in it and enjoy a new way of sharing music with your iPod.

The trial version allows batch copying up to 99 songs. from then on, only copy songs one by one.

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